Lettuce Wraps

It's what's for lunch! Getting over the 'sandwich for lunch' habit is not easy. Because sandwiches are so easy - and there's so much variety in breads and fillings. My near-daily lunch has become a couple of lettuce wraps with a variety of different filling options. Quick.Easy.Healthy (!).Yummy.

Here's my lunch in process.

Here it is, ready to go.

Looks good, doesn't it? That particular wrap is simply tuna (I like it with a touch of dill and lemon) sprinkled with Greek Sheep Feta (everything's better with a sprinkle of Greek Sheep Feta :-)

Here are some ideas for lettuce wrap fillings. Start with your favorite spread on the lettuce:

  • Mustard
  • Mayonnaise, or Vegenaise, etc.
  • Avocado
  • Fruit Spread
  • Chutney
  • Cream Cheese

Then add your lunch protein:
  • Sliced Chicken, Turkey, or other meat
  • Turkey, Chicken, or Tuna Salad
  • A Burger, crumbled up

Add other toppings:
  • Roasted Red Peppers or Roasted Tomatoes
  • Grated Carrots
  • Your favorite cheese

Then just wrap it up and enjoy your fabulous lunch. (I'll bet you're already thinking of your own ways to fill a lettuce wrap). I think it's time to go eat lunch now....

Lettuce tip: be careful not to buy lettuce that is too narrow. You have to have enough width to wrap ..... or be very careful eating :-) If it's too wide, you can always trim it.

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  1. Is the lettuce in the photo butter lettuce? Do you have a label preference in the feta?

  2. The lettuce in the photo is Red Leaf lettuce. I prefer dark leaf lettuce, but I sometimes use Romaine, which is usually a combination of dark and light. Romaine is sometimes too narrow - so it depends on the head.

    My favorite Sheep Feta is Trader Joes Authentic Greek Feta in Brine. It's a salty brine (which is why I like it :-). It comes in a plastic tub, not wrapped.

  3. Your nice effort came up from my use of Dogpile search. Have not looked at your other postings, but I wanted to encourage your effort, as the listed responses are not hyper-active. I am an octogenarian and I did use your FB link to post to my wall.